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Recent updates

Eagle Eye 1.5.2 Update
Eagle Eye 1.5.2 has arrived and now supports wolves and the newly added collectible crystals. Enjoy your adventuring and see you in the meadows.
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EagleEye 1.5.1 released
Version 1.5.1 arrived and it's a bugfix release. Don't be sad: big performance fix (no longer uses up a whole core) added smooth rendering mode fixed playerlist...
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Eagle Eye 1.5 released (with Scores)
One and a half Eagles (Eagle Eye 1.5) updated playerlist to show the name and current animal of the player added scoretracker to keep track of player-scores, so...
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Eagle Eye 1.4 released
Version 1.4 is just a bugfix release. fixed interaction of rarity-filters with the flower/mushroom-filters fixed a possible crash when using ultrafast refresh r...
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EagleEye 1.3 released
This update contains the following changes/features: Entities are now rendered with icons so it's easier to differentiate variations "ultra fast"-refresh , redr...

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