A downloadable game

A simple clicker game (prototype) made for the original Gameboy handheld console for openjam 2018.

  • Play it in your browser. http://pixelsiege.net/spamfactory/
  • Download the rom and play it on your favourite emulator.
  • Download and flash to a cartridge to play it on real hardware.

This game is open source (BSD-3-Clause)! For more details please checkout the github repo at: https://github.com/madpew/spam-factory

The official Soundtrack is now available on soundcloud (licensed under CC): https://soundcloud.com/madpew/sets/spam-factory-inc-ost


spam.gb 32 kB

Install instructions

  • download and play with emulator of your choice
  • download and copy to a flashcartridge of your choice to play on the real hardware.

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